Here are a few case studies where Geeves applied practical solutions resulting in expected outcomes .    ߛ ߛ ߛ 

"Was able to restart my life!"  Rowan, Raikon  Business Area: Property 

Met owner Rowan at a networking event, both at the time Steve and Rowan were in construction and property conversions. Two months later, Rowan contacted Steve and explained that his company overstretched itself, expanded too quickly and now they were struggling to complete the numerous projects they had started.  
It was made evident to Steve that the company expanded too quickly taking on too many projects without the correct quality of stuff and skilled trademen project managers in place and one by one the projects were falling behind.  
The company was also struggling to pay their suppliers, with 20/30 pressurizing phone calls a day from Suppliers chasing for payment. The cash flow had been strecthed due to the projects not progressing on time.  
Steve suggested diverting the suppliers calls to his office, where Steve was able to manage them on the companys behalf, taking the pressure off the Directors. At that time, Steve investigated the company to see if it had a viable future, unfortunately the final conclusion was to liquidate the company.Rowan was relieved, and acknowledged how diligent and hard Steve worked. Rowan was able to restart his life in a new business and leave the past challenges behind. 

"Saved 100 Employee's jobs."  Client D Business Area: Logistics & Warehousing  

We were contacted by the Managing Director of a 12m turnover Logistics company who informed Steve that the Landlord had sent the bailiffs in the premeses and with no funds available to pay them the owner was convinced that the business would be forced to stop trading immediatly.  
Steve spent the whole day negociating with the Landlord for time to pay and eventually the Landlord agreed providing Steve remained involved on a daily basis with the Logistics company. 
Steve found solutions to the company's debt problems, provided new suppliers and negotiated an initial investment by way of a private investor all within two months.  
Reduced operating costs, supported the cash flow and saved 100 jobs. 

"Have continued to support new business."  Director, IT  Business Area: Information Technology  


 "Found £300k cash injection in the nick of time"   Logistics,  Business Area: Logistics & Warehousing  


 "There is no Business Case that is unresolvable! No matter how complex!"  Geeves Business Solutions Business Area: Business Solutions    Of course, there are many more case studies related to other industries and business types. Even if none of the above resonates with your particular situation, Geeves has worked with a variety of business, and a world-class creative and innovative team, equipped and always ready to take on a new challenge! We will see you through your situation.     Get in touch today, and let us see how we can help!    

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