Geeves Business Solutions  

Based in the heart of London, we are a team of specialists providing business consultancy, finance and business rescue services to SMEs who are finding the current financial markets difficult to navigate or obtain investment, leading to expansion or cash-flow problems. 
We pride ourselves on providing high quality independent services tailored to meet our clients needs. Our professional team will work with you to provide the best solution to your business problems and will work with you to deliver the results. 
We work closely with a number of investors, solicitors, accountants and insolvency practitioners whom we know and trust. If your business needs to prepare for insolvency we will work with you to prepare the company with minimum impact on stakeholders and suppliers. 

 Steve Camilleri  Managing Director   

"Helping Businesses is my passion!" 
Growing, selling, mergers and investing in people/ businesses is Steve's forte. Working with business owners facing problems & challenges to help them turn the fortunes of their business around for no upfront cost. Steves works with successful debt free businesses to create significant additional value (£250-500k on average). He also considers most sectors but most of his expertise and interests are in the UK Logistics, recruitment, property related sectors (i.e. refurbishment, off market-selling, sourcing) and service sectors. Steve's most recent business idea a Mastermind Networking Club was launched in November 2017, collaborating and Brainstroming with Pre-startups to established Businesses. His business turnaround and liqudation services has involved companies with a turnover of £50k to £5m, although Steve has successfully turned around a £14m company. 
Steve is keen to speak to SME business owners that are facing cashflow/debt/business challenges and/or successful business owners seeking advise on all subjects. 

The Team & Partners 


George Sanne Business Support Manager  Thriev 

George started the early part of his career in Banking in Luxembourg and London. This was followed by 12 years in Executive Search predominantly in the Netherlands as well as Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Paul Greenwood Non - Executive Director The Business Plan Guys 

Paul has followed his passion for logistics and planning from South Africa to Dubai and back to England working for Mobil, Imperial and for 9 years as CEO for Massar Solutions PJSC in Dubai. He is delighted to be back in the UK and to work with motivated business owners to plan and achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Ian Squires  Non - Executive Director The Business Plan Guys 

Ian has worked in the Thames Valley for more than two decades, as Sales Director and Managing Director and adviser for national and local businesses in the brewing, facilities services and craft industries. He has always enjoyed building teams and creating new services and bringing ideas to fruition. 


Geeves works and has partnered with a variety of SME clients from different industries accross the UK, inter-exchanging with each other benefical business services, advice and opportunities. No matter what stage you are at in your business journey, become a member today, and share in the support network movement of like-minded business men and women, all dedicated to the growth and success of the other. Your business can reach new heights in 2018 with the right support team behind you!  
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